TRACKS | tbc


Sometimes moving forward is the only way back.

Coming of Age Drama

Tracks tells the story of, Musa, a young boy from a township in Durban, South Africa. After escaping the grasps of his Mother’s abusive boyfriend, his spirit and determination lead him to reluctantly leave his baby sister to seek a better life.

Musa soon finds himself amongst a small community of thrill seeking, youths, who have taken life into their own hands. As he explores the beautiful landscapes and train tracks of Durban, he begins to unearth his inner-self and discovers a deep strength rooted inside.

No longer as innocent and naïve as he once was and with thoughts of going back for his baby sister starting to fade into a distant memory, Musa must decide what kind of man he really wants to be.

Feature film based on a true story, due to shoot 2020.

Writer | Director

Craig Freimond