THE PARCEL | Based on the novel by Anosh Irani


Sex trafficking in Mumbai's red-light district


The Parcel chronicles the morally ambiguous journey of a transgender sex worker, Madhu, who works in the red-light district of Mumbai.

Now at the age of 40 and longing to be accepted by society, Madhu, no longer a prostitute, works as a beggar, in order to financially support Gurumai, the leader of the Hijras (transgender sex workers).

An unexpected phone call from Padma Madam, the most-feared brothel owner in the district, informs Madhu of the arrival of a ‘parcel’ in the form of a 10 year old girl from the provinces. With no choice but to prepare the young girl for what fate has in store, Madhu must navigate her way through the streets of Mumbai and also her own psychological and emotional state of mind.

Due to shoot early 2020, this feature will be a heart-warming representation of alienation, society, morality and redemption.