THE ENGLISH DETECTIVE | Solving crime is the only thing he's good at


Sadraksanaya Khalanigrahanaya - To protect Good and to destroy Evil

TV Drama

The English Detective is an English language murder mystery series, set amongst the bustling, vibrant streets of Mumbai. Scotland Yard’s Detective Inspector Ted Miller is a socially inept misfit who doesn’t like change. He is therefore not happy when he is sent to work alongside the Mumbai Police force after a prominent British businessman is found dead in bizarre circumstances. Luckily, Miller is a brilliant maverick, and when he is teamed up with local disgraced female detective Hari Sharma, they form not only a successful partnership, but in time, an unlikely friendship.

Tonally this show will be the classic “fish out of water” scenario, placing the protagonist way out of his comfort zone in an entirely new culture, but then using this as a device to discover the vibrancy of the exotic setting. In this way it will showcase and celebrate Indian culture, with the city itself as much a character as the people within it.

The show will also resonate with fans of the BBC hit show Sherlock, in that it too will celebrate the nerdy, quirky, and eccentric – not least in its protagonist Ted Miller. Furthermore, the two leading characters are social outcasts, to some extent “lost” before finding each other, and their developing friendship will maintain the show’s ongoing appeal. It is only through solving the mystery together, and working with each other in such unfamiliar surroundings that Miller will feel accepted by those around him, and Hari will rediscover her self-confidence and faith in her ability.

Each feature length episode of The English Detective will see Miller and Hari solve another impossible mystery, and grow to realize that when the chips are down, they can depend on each other with their lives.


Ralf Little




Ralf Little