CUNNING | Mysticism though the eyes of an autistic teenager



Drama | Thriller

Ally Munk is a 18 year old women living on the post-industrial edge lands of Britain, where a struggling modern England meets the dark rolling hills and moors of Arcadia. Mysticism is part of the landscape here, The Cunning Folk, Pellers or White Witches have healed, charmed and driven out preternatural for generation after generation. Ally’s Grandma keeps this esoteric tradition alive and Ally hopes to continue in her footsteps.

In a small town, on the edge of the moors it’s easy to become isolated. Ally struggled with formal education at school, learning difficulties led to behavioural issues, which in turn caused her to become more and more reclusive and intro- vert. As childhood friendships waned she has retreated back into her own world and with the veil of childhood falling away, the realities of adult life are being pulled sharply into focus, with her parents’ marriage falling apart in front of her the tensions at home become too much to bare so she decides to move in temporarily with her Grandma.

Ally and her Grandma are a team. Through all of her struggles she has been her rock – she understands Ally and fosters her unique perspective on the world, as Ally has mild autism. It’s this nuanced perspective which will allow director Tom Beard to explore the magical shadows of British mysticism though a unique lens.


Tom Beard


Tom Beard