BAD PENNY | Is Penny doing the Devil’s work?


revenge is a dish best served cold

TV Drama

Being bad is all a matter of perspective says Penny when she buys Trap Hall, a haunted manor house in the well-to-do town of Meadham. Now a successful career woman Penny is back to settle a score from college days when a terrible injustice was done to her by a group of rich boys whom she thought were friends.

Penny was from the wrong side of the tracks and the boys used her to set up a drug deal that went bad. On top of that Penny fell pregnant to one of them. Branded a criminal, pregnant and alone she fled the town. Now in her early forties Penny returns with her two daughters, Flora and Mabel to right the past wrong that has blighted her whole life. The men who set her up back at college are now leading figures in the town complete with beautiful wives and pretty children.

The problem is that their wives – Fran, Kit and Nell – are bored and longing for some- thing – anything – to happen. The three women attend a seance with a clairvoyant and are told that a ‘tall dark stranger’ is about to arrive in their lives.

Then Penny shows up and things start to change. Nasty teachers are humiliated, bullies taunted and two-timing husbands exposed. All with a cheeky nudge and a wink. Is Penny doing the Devil’s work? And did Fran, Kit and Nell call her back to Meadham to sprinkle a little naughtiness over their nice safe lives?

Penny introduces the three women to her worldly ways – and they become sassy independent women. Their husbands Grant, Dom and Felix seem powerless to stop their wives falling under Penny’s spell. They remember Penny from the past and what they did to her. They want her gone and spread malicious rumours that Penny is a witch and do their best to drive her out of town. In the past when the world seemed against her Penny would just move on – but not this time… this time she has revenge on her mind.


Zoe Lewis