Co-Founder | Producer: Emma Comley

Emma Comley is an experienced producer of music videos and commercials with over 20 years in the industry.

Former Head of Production and Executive Producer at Flynn Productions, Emma has produced videos for the likes of the Foo Fighters and Jay-Z, while boasting commercial credits for leading brands including Nike, HTC, Smirnoff and Nokia.

In 2012, Emma co-founded Blonde to Black Pictures so she could create original, culturally relevant stories which excite and entertain audiences, producing Dotty (2013), Buttercup Bill (2014) and Set the Thames on Fire (2015).

In 2014, Emma co-founded Blonde to Black Pictures Two, so far producing Rags (2016), Two for Joy (2018) and Running Man (2019).

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Co-Founder | Producer: Emma Comley