TWO FOR JOY | Samantha Morton / Billie Piper




An increasingly strained relationship between a daughter, her mother and her rascal younger brother reaches critical mass – something must give.

TWO FOR JOY is a raw, unapologetic, coming of age story. It’s a visceral, moving exploration of one British family’s life. Mother AISHA her teenage daughter VI and young adolescent son TROY, are at a crossroads in their lives. Aisha’s depression is bringing them all close to the brink. VI has been forced to grow up fast; mother-daughter roles are reversed, Vi is Aisha’s carer as well as trying to control her rascal younger brother TROY, who with no father figure and a struggling mother, is a law unto himself – something must give, the situation must change.

As authentic and unwavering as it will be ultimately uplifting, TWO FOR JOY has been conceived and developed over the last six years through a series of short films and photo projects by Tom Beard. It’ll be a bold, unique and distinct departure from your classical social-realist film, while un-voyeuristically exploring and bringing into the public eye the consequence of some serious, British, topical themes that are often short-changed by the government, and under-represented on our screens.